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Sycamore Lodge Residential Care Home

We are now an EMI Residential Home for the elderly

110 Wood Lane, Hawarden, Flintshire CH5 3JE



To help promote your quality of life and to encourage and support you to make the decisions affecting your lifestyle and care.

We are happy to discuss all aspects of your life and care in the home with you and/or if you wish, your family, friends or representative.

To prepare, with you, an individual care plan to suit your needs and to review that plan with you regularly.

You may also of course, choose your own doctor.

To recognise your abilities. To accept your right to refuse assistance.

We respect your privacy at all times and recognise your wish to be alone from time to time. You can expect all staff to knock at your door and wait to be invited in, unless there is an emergency.

To encourage you to personalise your private bed sitting room.

To recognise our shortcomings and admit mistakes. To rectify such errors quickly. To operate and maintain a quality assurance system.

When our fees are reviewed, they will remain competitive and cost effective and will not have any hidden charges. You are entitled to expect and receive value for money.



A welcome visitor on Grandma's
90th Birthday


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